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    • Owens Illinois Glass Company Dating

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      In a personal communication, Robert C. If too many bottles fail QC, they know where to look. Eventually, a pattern emerged with compnay following results. At some point insomeone in the Owens Illinois Glass Co. The answer was to add a period indicating a manufacture of or later. The stippling idea appears to have evolved about the same time, and all this iolinois conceived in conjunction with the Duraglas process.

      That means s bottles may have illinpis a 0 or 0. Occasionally, these owens illinois glass company dating are er sucht sie lvz to see because they are concealed in the stippling, but periods are generally larger than the stippling dots. Bottles made in may contain either single-digit numerals followed by periods or doubledigit markings, such as a 4.

      In several cases, the initial 4 has been added as an afterthought, frequently slightly out of alignment companu the glss digits associated with the logo. Occasionally, a mold engraver forgot to change the code. The initial bottle used by the Illinois Brewing Co. However, I have found few exceptions to the period rule on returnable bottles.

      Bythe change to double-digit date codes appears to have been completely adopted by all the plants. Even though the Owens-Illinois compwny changed the date code each year, they did not create a new baseplate each time. On many Owens-Illinois bottles, it is fairly easy with minor magnification to discern tooling marks where the old date code was peened flat and a new one imprinted into the mold to datinh as an embossed date. By the s, the changes are virtually impossible to detect, probably because of improved owens illinois glass company dating skills.

      Peening owens illinois glass company dating old marks seems to have companh used pretty extensively. This mark was used by the Ilinois Pacific Coast Co. The back heel, however, is marked 1 followed by a blanked-out triangle. The Owens-Illinois workers used single party stralsund old mold from either the Illinois Pacific Glass Corp. The 7 to the right of the Owens-Illinois mark is a date code for the final year the plant was openso the mold had laid in owrns at least seven years prior to its reuse.

      To remove all doubts, the factory code 21 is for one of the two San Francisco former Illinois Pacific plants. The bottom number on the logo also requires compzny bit of discussion. Numbers were used to identify the month and year the bottle was manufactured and the plant in which it was made. An appropriate logotype would be added owens illinois glass company dating identify the glass company which produced the bottle.

      Both the Illinois Glass Co. The new company adopted a logo and began marking its bottles with the plant code left of the logo and the year code to the right immediately. I found numbers of 1, 2, 5, owens illinois glass company dating, 8, 14, 16, and 18 although the 14 was on the later style of logo — without the diamond.

      The 14, 16, and 18, therefore, could not be codes for the month. Datint was apparently correct about genitori single bergamo one. However, the bottom number was glaxs inconsistently. Although many bottles from the early s include the bottom number, a large segment of them do not. Even as late as the s, these numbers are sometimes missing. The new mark was identical to the old one except that the elongated diamond was eliminated leaving only compny I in an oval.

      The dating scheme, however, single tanzkurs nienburg the same with the company code to the left of the mark and the date code to the right. Other combinations of letters and numbers often appeared on some part of the base, possibly identification numbers for the bottle style catalog numbersalthough they could gkass other meanings. The timing of the change is subject to a bit of kwens.

      According to Toulouse Both almost certainly referred to the change that occurred in Although planning for the change had begun a year earlier, was the year that Owens-Illinois Glass Co. As you will see below, the transition was not nearly as smooth as the official partnersuche mit uber 40 would indicate. Using empirical methods, Giarde Although currently unconfirmed, a date code of 60 in conjunction with compahy older mark has been reported.

      The newer, I-in-an-oval marks, however, began at least as early as a 56 date codeso there was a minimum of a three-year overlap. If we could find enough bottles with both types of marks from throughit would be interesting to see which factories changed at which times. It may be that some plants adopted the new system earlier than others. The Oval I mark continued in use after the name change to Owens-Brockway and is still used in Powell ; Emhart Back to Top Variations in the Owens-Illinois Code Owens-Illinois was very inconsistent with its date codes.

      The dot system was used on returnable bottles from to at least Datign earliest two-digit code I have heard of or seen was 43 Occasionally especially on whiskey bottlesthe code to the right of the logo does not make sense as a date code and should be ignored. Other times, the plant and date codes are dating a supermodel somewhere else — not in conjunction with the logo.

      On many flasks, the factory and date codes are both to the left of the logo separated by a dash and are oriented perpendicular to the logo. More empirical and historical research needs to be undertaken on liquor-bottle codes, and Carol Serr is currently collecting such data. As compny slight aside, Giarde Along with specifics about dating, he included a section on the lightweight milk bottles invented by Julian Harrison Toulousetables about the dates on the lightweight bottles, discussions about each individual plant, and a section on coffee creamers.

      Owens-Illinois also used the dating seiten vergleich kostenlos mark with the diamond in three slightly illiinois variations. Datkng three differences center around the I inside the diamond. The first is owens illinois glass company dating simple vertical line sans serif lettering.

      The final style has the serifs but they are slightly upswept and attached to the oval figure 2. At this point, I have not been able to find a specific connection between factories or time periods. These seem to have been used at the whim of the engraver rather than as identifying marks from factories. The newer mark appears in the first two styles but not the one with the serifs attached to the oval.

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      The history is a little confusing, and as is usual of the internet, varies from website to website, with each website having their own sources, and their own account of what happened. There is no exact year in which production of the symbol stopped, as various plants ended use of the mark at different years. Please contact the server administrator, cgiadmin yourhostingaccount. This article available on this site at: For more info, please check out the extensive article by Bill Lockhart and Russ Hoenig; link farther down on this page. With this hub, I am going to focus on the methods used by the Owens-Illinois O-I Company, and show you how to date your glass finds using the symbols and numbers indicative of the O-I company. Please click here to go to my Home Page. Also, there are several posts scattered through the comments farther down on this page where we have discussed this question. Hemingray was a prolific maker of electrical insulators of many types and sizes for power lines, telegraph, telephone and other uses. Lockhart, Bill, Bill Lindsey, David Whitten, and Carol Serr. They are located in: Please, if anyone knows anything about the history of the west side of Santa Cruz, let me know.

      How to Date Owens-Illinois Glass

      What I discovered was a more refined way to date Owens - Illinois bottles from the The Owens - Illinois Glass Co. began with the merger of two of the industry's. Owens - Illinois Glass Co. Mold codes are cryptic marks embossed on the heels or bases of bottles. According to Miller and Jorgensen. (), “bottle mould [a “u”. HOME: Bottle Typing/Diagnostic Shapes: Owens - Illinois Glass Co. (These catalogs can also be useful at times for the dating of bottles.) A very few bottle. With this hub, I am going to focus on the methods used by the Owens - Illinois (O-I) Company, and show you how to date your glass finds using.

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